29+ Attract Wildlife to Your Garden Pond

Even a small pond will make a big difference to your garden, attracting a wide range of creatures. Let wildlife find your pond naturally and it will soon become a thriving habitat for anything from mayflies to hedgehogs. A pond is the single most effective thing you can do to attract more wildlife to your garden. Give your pond the best chance of success by selecting the best possible site. Lots of sunshine will attract the widest range of creatures, but even shady ponds make good habitats for newts. You may have been put off making one because you thought it would be expensive, time consuming and difficult to build. Perhaps you thought your garden is too small?

Garden ponds are wonderful, self-sustaining ecosystems in your garden. They attract birds and wildlife and are easy to care for. You can pay a pond company a lot of money to build a pond, or spend plenty of time and money doing it yourself. If you just want a little pond, it’s very easy and cheap to make one out of a plastic container. Over the past two weeks we have looked at the various ways of introducing and enjoying as many different kinds of wildlife in your garden while also creating a beautiful and peaceful haven for yourself.

I have mentioned the importance of including water in a garden of any size if you wish to attract the fullest range of insects, birds, amphibians and mammals as well as guaranteeing the maximum health of your plants. This week, I explain how you can go about doing that. Deeper areas are essential too, as frogs overwinter in the muddy depths, breathing through their skin. Having a completely shaded pond means you are limited to aquatic plants that only grow in the shade.