28+ A Preview of Our Backyard

I was planning to reveal it all at once, but I was too excited not to share a little glimpse. When designing your entrance yard landscaping, it’s best to think about the quantity of labor and energy you might be keen to speculate into it to keep up the environment. Low upkeep entrance yard designs are leaning extra into the minimalist and sparse look. Gone are the voluminous shapes and profusion of colors. If you’re like me, you’re much better at taking care of the inside styling than the backyard. I love a good hedge and some roses, but I am not as clever as I’d like to be when it comes to outside landscaping.

Beautiful small backyard landscape designs can be hard to achieve, as a small yard requires good space management. There are some easy backyard landscaping ideas you can take into your own hands, and we’re here to help. So you figured out front garden landscaping, and you are now ready to leave front house landscape design to take residential landscape design to the next step: small backyard design ideas. The country cottage’s circular firepit patio is finally complete!

It was a bit of a battle as we had some obstacles in the form of bedrock at the patio site and an extra cold spring and rainy weekends but it got completed in July and I’m so happy to share it. Let’s start at the beginning. Why don’t make your storage shed placed in backyard? it’s will cost less space in your house. And you can make it as a new playground for your child to play around. Building a small seating area is a good idea to dedicate a space that you would love to spend outdoor time there and can make your backyard more inviting.