27+ Stunning Container Garden Planting Designs

I found so many unique and beautiful container garden ideas, so I gathered together my favorite 15 and am sharing them all with you today! If you want to have flowers and greenery, but you don’t technically have a yard or a garden to plant in, the options for container plants seem bleak (well, predictable at least): herbs, geraniums, pansies. That’s it, right? I’m about to turn into my grandmother, right? Wrong. Many plants that aren’t traditionally thought of as container plants—hydrangeas, for example!—have cultivars that will do just fine in a pot on the porch.

You can grow your vegetables in containers and experience the freshness and flavor of home-grown vegetables. Whether you know it or not, most plants will grow well in containers. Container vegetable gardening will allow you to grow delicious vegetables from anywhere. Most of us have some kind of shady spots around our homes and gardens. A few garden pots filled with lush and colorful plantings can really brighten up these shade area and add splashes of happiness. Do you have shady areas that could use a bit of color or interest? A porch that could use some curb appeal? A north-facing patio? Or even an area under a tree that has a hard time growing plants in the soil?

Containers are the answer to your problem. They really can do so much to brighten shadowy areas. Once you get the hang of container gardening you might find yourself growing more and more pots each year. There are many beautiful and easy to care for plants that thrive in the shade. Some have striking and showy foliage, some have beautiful and fragrant flowers. We’ve compiled a list of the best vegetables for container gardening. These plants are known to grow very well in containers.