27+ Beautiful Planting Lavender in Pots

The good news is that taking care of lavender plants is pretty darn easy, and they require very little maintenance. But just like any plant, they will grow and bloom their best when given the right growing conditions, as I have detailed out in this lavender plant care guide. Lavender flower is the world famous for its aroma and beauty.

It is a native of the arid Mediterranean region. Lavender grows well in any environment, for this, it requires dry air, hot soil, and sunlight. You can easily develop herbaceous plants with little care. However, to develop inside the house you will have to make the optimum growing position which is a bit difficult. Because of this if you have to arrange artificial light when there is a lack of sunlight.

Lavender roots really do not require deep pots. Their roots tend to be more shallow. Planting in a pot that’s a lot larger than the root ball creates more space for moisture to be stored within the pot. Lavender must have a well drained environment. Keep the pot just a few inches larger than the root ball. Make sure to pick a pot that has enough drainage holes. Lavender prefers a drier soil. Which brings me to my next tip,