26+ best pergola ideas and style arround the world 00025
26+ best pergola ideas and style arround the world 00025

26+ Best Pergola Ideas and Style Arround The World

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A pergola has to be constructed to withstand the elements. If you want to see the real potential of a pergola, just take a look at the examples listed below. Enjoy your relaxing moment in your backyard, with these remarkable garden screening ideas. The idea is to recreate the kind of space you usually find in vacations. They will give you a wide range of ideas on how a pergola can be set up in a variety of situations, so you can find the best idea that suits yourself.

You have to mount them on the track so that you could easily retract them when not needed. This is often operated by motor. The smaller sized pergola canopy could be operated by hand by turning a lever. You need not leave them open all the time. Nowadays, many houses are located closer to each other then people would prefer.

If you live in an area where hurricanes occur, you definitely want to take a look at this DIY free standing pergola. It is resistant to hurricane winds! Even those of us that don’t live where hurricanes happen could use this one. It’s really sturdy and so easy to build. You can use whatever type of wood that you like, although it will need to be pressure treated to withstand the weather.