26+ Amazing Diy Outdoor Planter Ideas to Make Your Garden Wonderful

Garden decorating or yard landscaping has reached next level awesomeness when it comes to working up the plants, displaying amazing florals or placing pretty planters around the space. Turn your yard or front porch into a complete glory with these super chic outdoor planters. Use them to define your walkway or as eye-catching accents at the door. You may also use them as some sort of privacy screen or as a wall to divide areas in your garden.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of green at that empty corner of their Patio or that wooden deck that you were thinking about to pop up with some colors. Fill them with succulents as they require less water but nothing is stopping you from adding that nice bright tint of red to that dull brown wooden patio. You can use painters tape and acrylic color to paint colorful stripes on the cinder blocks. You can use colors and shape of your choice to enhance that otherwise pale green garden. Cardboard cutouts and alphabets can also be used to add some unique variety.

They are really easy to make and require least of your time. You can choose between small plant pots that fit nice and snug inside the cinder blocks or the wire mesh and landscape fabric method mentioned in the link below. The choice is a no-brainer. Although it will take a bit of woodwork to get this together, it shouldn’t hold you back from creating this amazing DIY tall planter.