25 Best Outfit to Wear with Mini Skirt and Boots

Here’s some of the best ways to wear thigh high boots. For a more conservative spin, swap the mini skirt out for a pencil skirt like this one or this one. They are also a definite go-to. Womenas ankle boots are among the best pieces in my personal wardrobe. I recently bought a pair of thigh high boots and fell in love. I wouldn’t consider myself too fashionable, but I love to put together cute, comfortable outfits that I can be proud of! This look is a prime example, though really only in terms of the skirt length.

Working in the world of fashion, e-commerce and technology means that some days it’s appropriate (even necessary!) to wear things that were definitively not part of my work wardrobe during my days in traditional corporate America. The simplest approach to bring the boots in the image is to decide on the matching accessories. They also go well with pants. By adding thigh high boots this outfit instantly get’s upgraded to a winter look, and is super trendy! I’m usually the girl on the go, I love to be comfortable while I go about my day.
I normally wear high heels for work, so the more comfortable I am on my downtime the better! Mini skirt aside, the blazer, tights and classic feel of the look would have been perfect for an average day at the office. Leather skirts are a cute touch to any outfit, and can be worn in just about every season (with the exception of spring).