25 Best Fashion Moments of the 90s

Unlike many sorts of dance music, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. If one song can inspire even a few people to reach for a dream, even for a brief while, then it’s a superb thing. When planning a week’s worth of outfits wouldn’t it be amazing if you could recycle one piece almost every day? Believe it or not, there was a time when social media did not exist and celebrities weren’t exactly click and a follow away. The only chance us fans had to get a glimpse of our favorite stars was to rely on paparazzi photos (or to try to get into all of the hot spots ourselves). The ’90s! Oh, how we love thee. It is hard to believe that Clueless hit theatres more than 20 years ago.

All of the outfits, all of the moments are just as relevant today as they were back in 1995. You’ve probably read at least one think-piece about the resurgence of the ’90s, particularly in terms of fashion. The decade was a breeding ground for iconic clothing styles that won’t quit, from grunge-y flannel and cropped tops to slinky slip dresses. Ahead, join us on our trip down memory lane as we recount the most iconic, sometimes cringeworthy, sometimes incredible fashion moments of the 1990s and the style stars that made them happen.
A decade that introduced us to Kate Moss, Clueless and The Craft.
And er, blue mascara. Now, thanks to supermodels from Bella Hadid and the last few seasons the throwback fashion trend looks set to stay. Before the tech-savy 2000s, ’90s era celebs were the rulers of the streets of Hollywood. Behold, the top 36 best paparazzi captures of the 1990s. This season we’re dubbing the slip skirt as the ultimate capsule wardrobe item. However, there are many, many reasons why Clueless is the most-viewed and most quotable movie. The most specific reason is the ’90s wardrobe magic in the movie that holds a special place in our hearts.